Bucket List Blog: The Top 10

Bucket List Blog: The Top 10 Things to Cross Off Your Bucket List

Today we have the latest and greatest, a bucket list blog post! Wondering what you need to cross off that list? Here are our favourite things that you just have to try before you die!

1. See an active volcano

For years I’ve dreamed of seeing an active volcano – and for good reason! This amazing spectacle of nature is beyond words to describe. You can only see it for yourself! Cross it off that bucket list as soon as you can, by visiting somewhere like Hawaii’s Big Island or Indonesia… or many other places. But it’s got to be active – it’s much less spectacular when it’s not!

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2. Or How About Skydiving?

I became addicted to skydiving after my first one with Pacific Skydiving Honolulu (I mean, how could I not when my first one skydive was on Oahu?!) Yep, that initial jump is terrifying, just like with bungee jumping, but by the time I did my second jump with Aruba Skydive I was hooked! No more fear, just intense anticipation for my next time jumping out of a plane.

3. Go Bungee Jumping

If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you? Hell yes, you should! My first bungee jump was with WildPlay Nanaimo, and it was absolutely amazing. I must admit, I needed a little shove off the bridge, but once I did it, it was the best time of my life. I’m just craving that next jump! No bucket list blog would be complete without advising you to do what your mother told you not to – jump off that bridge!

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4. Watch a Solar Eclipse

A bucket list blog without a solar eclipse? Come on, get your head out of your ass. You’ve got to see a solar eclipse before you die, and it definitely makes the top 10 bucket list blog items! Watch out, though, even staring into an eclipse can burn your retinas, so watch the solar eclipse the right way.

5. Live On the Beach for a Month

Do you know how amazing it is to wake up every morning to the waves rolling in, and hearing them crash upon the shore as you fall asleep? Pretty damn awesome. My favourite place for this is Playa Zipolite – in particular the wonderful Cafe Maya Zipolite on this beach. You’ve just got to try it once – I dare you!

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6. Go Backpacking

Maybe it won’t be for you, but maybe it will. How do you know until you try backpacking once? It can be Europe, for an easy start, or plunge yourself into Peru for your first go at it. It doesn’t matter, just cross backpacking off your bucket list, and find out what wonders it has in store. And if you hate it? Well, at least you got stronger by carrying all that stuff.

7. Learn to Play an Instrument

I must admit, I’ve yet to learn this one. But come on, we can all do it. Maybe you can’t afford a guitar, or just don’t have the abilities for it. How about the harmonica? Anyone can screw around with one of those and figure it out – to some extent, at least. But why not try? They’re cheap and it’s a fun little hobby to annoy your friends with as you fumble your way along.

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8. Hitchhike – I Dare You!

Some people go on massive hitchhiking journeys, like the awesome people over at Roving Snails, who take their time and hitchhike everywhere, even picking up a cat along the way to join them! While an unusual item for a bucket list blog, I highly recommend trying it at least once. You never know the amazing people you’re going to meet on the road – some of my best pals I met because they stopped when my thumb was out at the side of the road!

9. Go Hang Gliding

I first did this with Hang Gliding Hawaii on Oahu – and what a start! I was told the powered hang glider we used was basically the Ferrari of hang gliders. Spectacular views without that fear that skydiving might instill in you – worth every moment!

10. Cuddle a Platypus

…is this one just me? Because it’s my biggest dream on earth to cuddle a platypus. Okay, okay, not an ordinary item for a bucket list blog, but it’s on my bucket list so it’s in here anyways. PS Platypuses are totally poisonous. They probably won’t kill you, but you may get sick. Oh well, worth it.

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Danie is a crazy nomad who has been traveling the world for five years straight. Check out her stories at https://www.likeridingabicycle.com, or read on for posts from people all over the world!

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