Canada Travel and Tourism: The Top 10 Places to Visit in Canada

Canada Travel and Tourism – Where should you be visiting?

Canada is an amazing place to visit for any traveler – but being the second biggest country in the world, where on earth should you go? It’s pretty expansive. Oh, and for god’s sake, remember: Canadian health care is free for CANADIANS. It isn’t cheap for foreigners, so be sure to compare global medical insurance plans!

1. Victoria

This one ranks number one to me on the Canada travel and tourism list, as I lived there for two and a half years. Victoria is a beautiful small city located on Vancouver Island, a quick hour and a half ferry ride from Vancouver. It’s also filled with dispensaries, for those of you looking for some bud before it’s actually legalized (Canada marijuana legalization coming at you in 2018!) The city is beautiful, from Beacon Hill Park – and expansive park with everything from grassy areas to world’s tallest totem pole – to Fisherman’s Wharf, where you’ll find floating houses on the dock. It’s easy to walk around, and a great city all around to visit or call home.

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2. Campbell River

Campbell River is one of my favourite places on Vancouver Island, simply discovered by visiting a friend there. The city is again a small one, and has incredible mountain views past the ocean. You can see other islands in the peninsula as well as towering mountains on the mainland. It’s easy to get around, and a great place for a beach fire with some spectacular views. A friend loves going paddle boarding in Campbell River, and I highly recommend it for our Canada travel and tourism blog!

3. St. Anthony

St. Anthony is in Newfoundland, my favourite province of them all. If you go at the right time (I went in spring) you can still see icebergs – imagine that, looking at icebergs while standing there in your shorts! It’s absolutely beautiful, and the people of Newfoundland are unparalleled. They are so open and beautiful, always willing to lend a helping hand – and quite often taking me into their homes even! While not very well known, this place ranks high on our Canada travel and tourism list for its sheer natural beauty!

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4. Banff

No Canada travel and tourism list would be complete without Banff. Located in the Rocky Mountains, Banff is stunning. It’s a great little town with lots to do – from hiking to having a beer with new friends – and it’s so close to Calgary you can get there without a problem. There are also a ton of beautiful lakes in the area worth checking out, like Lake Louise.

5. Jasper

Banff’s Rocky Mountain neighbour, Jasper is my preferred destination over Banff. While not as hopping in the town as Banff, it’s ridiculously beautiful. I would always pick Jasper over Banff, but it’s all personal preference. Do you like busy little towns? Hit up Banff. Prefer it a bit more peaceful, focusing more on the surrounding beauty? Go for Jasper. Whichever you choose, you’ve got to go to one – every Canada travel and tourism blog will tell you so!

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6. Vancouver

While I’m not much of a city person, Vancouver often captures my heart. A bustling city with dispensaries aplenty and oh-so-many bars to hit up, it’s a great place. Different neighbourhoods are so incredibly distinct from one another. Plus, who doesn’t like being in a metropolis that has mountains as the backdrop?! It is also incredibly easy to reach Vancouver Island from here, which is awesome.

7. Montreal

I haven’t spent much time in Montreal, but I absolutely adored it, and is on every Canada travel and tourism list! No, you don’t need to be able to speak French, though it helps, as many people speak English despite it being in French Canada. There’s a ton going on and something for everyone – whether it be a crazy club or a nice walk in a beautiful park.

8. Gaspésie

This is my favourite part of Quebec – Gaspésie. The whole peninsula is stunning, leading up to Gaspé, which, in all honesty, was a bit too touristy for my liking. Continue on to Percé to find a more mellow town with great places to camp and wonderful cafes to hang out at.

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9. Whitehorse

While I’ve only been to Whitehorse once, it was stunning. Located way up in the Yukon, Whitehorse is a small city that is easily escapable for the mountains and bush that surround it. We drove 45 minutes to reach a small cabin owned by my boyfriend at the time’s family; complete with wood fireplace and everything, Whitehorse and surrounding area was from a different world.

10. Labrador

Ever heard of it? Probably not unless you’re Canadian. This untouched land is remarkable. With only two “major” cities (both tiny), Labrador is extremely unexplored. You’ll find more Inuits here than any other demographic, and the people are incredibly kind and welcoming. I hitchhiked there, and people were definitely surprised to see me along the road. Just watch out for the black flies – they’re way worse than any mosquito I’ve ever met!

What did we miss in our Canada travel and tourism list? Hit us up in the comments with your favourite spots!


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