Earn Money Links: Top 10 Ways to Earn Money

Need to earn some extra cash? Here are our top 10 awesome earn money links!

So you need to earn some extra money online? Perhaps you want to earn money online typing? Or earn money online doing surveys? We’ve got the top 10 earn money links at your disposal!

earn money links

1. Clickworker

Our first earn money link is Clickworker. They basically have tiny tasks that take no time at all and pay anywhere from a cent to twenty cents. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but find the right job and you could be clicking ads to earn money and getting $10 and hour. On the other hand, sometimes it’s insanely low income. Still, if you’re bored, and need some extra beer money, it’s a great link to earn money!

2. Affiliate Programs

If you have a website, affiliate programs are a great way to earn some extra money online. Simply sign up to as many as possible, throw links, banners, whatever on your website, and sit back as people click away. You’ll need to have good traffic for this one, but it can be a great way to earn money online. Furthermore, if you don’t have a website, you can still use some affiliate links to earn money online; for example, you could sign up to me an Amazon affiliate, and get your friends to use your Amazon affiliate link to earn money online without paying anything!

3. Mindswarms

No list of links to earn money would be complete without Mindswarms. This earn money link is essentially a survey site with a twist; you apply for gigs, and you make a video answer to the questions if you’re accepted. Some pay up to $50 for just a few minutes of work!

earn money links

4. Usability Hub

You’ve got to be constantly tuned into your computer for this earn money link. Usability Hub is a site where you earn money online without paying anything. You complete quick tests – such as answering a few questions on a photo you saw for a few seconds – and earn 10 cents each time you do. But you have to have your computer open all the time for this – you’ll hear a ding and then bam, you’ve got to go to the earn money link right then and there or it’ll disappear quickly.

5. Tutor Online

How great is this? If you’re a native English speaker, you can use one of these earn money links to talk to people in foreign countries. You just talk and earn money online by doing so. The people you interact with – on a platform essentially like Skype except with strangers – are just looking to improve their conversational English. Have a chat, and earn up to $10/hour. Check out Cambly and NiceTalk as great earn money links for this.

earn money links

6. Upwork

This is a freelancing site where you can find anything under the sun – from if you want to do voice over work to earn money online free by typing. Upwork is a great site to find everything under the sun that people are looking to pay people for to do online. You can also use PeoplePerHouse and Freelancer for this.

7. Gather Inspiration

Not exactly an earn money link, but you can gather ideas from the aforementioned freelancing sites and contact companies on your own. Want to earn money free by typing? Contact a ton of transcription companies to earn money. Transcribing online for money was in fact my first online gig.

8. Sell Your Used Underwear

I swear, this is a total money maker, and both men and women can do it. One earn money link to sell used underwear is Panty Deal; it does cost per month, but a small fee considering how much you can make. Alternatively, there’s always Reddit as well.

9. User testing

User testing sites can be great cash earners for a little extra income here and there. My favourite earn money link for this is Validately, which requires you to basically test out a sample site and talk out loud as you do so, so that the owners of the site can see how intuitive the site is. There’s also Userlytics and Usertesting for this.

10. Start Your Own Business

Come on, everyone has a talent, and you need no earn money link for this one. Use your imagination; gather inspiration from the things you love doing, and don’t worry about not earning money for a while. I’ve done many things in the past, and now earn money blogging. How great is that? I get to do what I want, when I want. If you’re interested in starting up a blog, but don’t have a ton to spend, try Bluehost for cheap hosting and domain name deals. Everyone has something they can do to earn money online for free – just be imaginative!

Bonus Tip

If it’s something you’re interested in (and I mean you actually want to try out, not just for the money) the adult industry can be great from your own bedroom – check out Porno Inside for more ideas on this!

earn money links


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