Hang Gliding Hawaii

POWERED Hang Gliding on Oahu’s spectacular North Shore 

Hang Gliding Hawaii is the #1 Rated Activity Activity in Hawaii

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hang gliding hawaii

Watching the Sunrise Over the Koolau Mountain Range

Watching the vibrant colors of the sky change color before your eyes while the sun rises over our Koolau summits is simply unforgettable.  There’s no better time of day to experience flying in the morning’s silky smooth conditions all while our wing mounted cameras capture your post card perfect memories with the perfect light setting—Sunrise.

Perfect Safety Record

We have flown thousands of awe inspired people from ages 7-90 all with a Perfect Safety Record.  We can land practically anywhere without our engine and our aircraft is equipped with a rocket propelled parachute system for unparalleled safety.  Safety is our #1 Priority.

hang gliding hawaii

Whale Season & Wildlife 

Each year approximately 12,000 humpback whales migrate to Hawaiian waters to breed and raise their young.  Pods of them can easily be seen just offshore during November to May each year.  Other wildlife that can be spotted from our “windowless” aircraft are spinner dolphins, turtles, manta rays, flying fish, and even sharks!  There’s no better way to see these amazing creatures than flying low and slow in an open cockpit.  We guarantee you a seat without a window on this aerial Hawaiian safari!

You Get to Fly the Aircraft 

Better than a tour you actually get a hands on experience.  Once at altitude you’ll get to control the wing of the hang glider and steer the aircraft if you desire.  In your scenic flight lesson, we’ll credit the time you fly with us towards your pilot’s license and even give you a complementary certificate of completion after your flight.


Make no compromises in safety, comfort, and performance when you fly in our Evolution Revo aircraft.  Valued at $100K, we have the only 100 horse powered, All-American made POWERED Hang Glider in Hawaii.  Fly with the Ferrari of flying motorcycles.  “Surf the Sky with the Most-State-Of-The-Art Flying Motorcycle in the Pacific.”

hang gliding hawaii

God’s Country

Our Airfield is located just 100 yards from the coastline on Oahu’s spectacular North Shore also know as God’s Country.  From the minute we take-off, you’ll be flying over turquoise waters feeling the wind between your toes in our open cockpit state-of-the-art aircraft.  Ka’ena Point, Makua Valley, Yokohama Bay, Haleiwa Town, and Waimea Falls are all typical sights to see when you fly with us.

Experience & Maintenance

Having flown across the nation in our aircraft on extensive cross-country flights in adverse weather conditions, we are the most experienced pilots that fly POWERED Hang Gliders in the world.  We also have highly trained and accredited mechanics on board to meticulously maintain our aircraft. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

Surfing Mecca

Each winter season from about August-March the North Shore of Oahu becomes a surfing mecca.  Hundreds of the best surfers from around the world flock here to get the wave ride of their life on what is know as the “7-mile wonder coastline.”  The “Eddie Would Go” contest which is the most prestigious contest in the surfing industry is also held here.  Conditions have to include 40+ foot faces where only the bravest and the extremely talented dare to paddle in these massive mountains of water.  When the waves get really big, watch tow in surfing (the aid of jet skis, rope, and a surfer strapped in on a special surfboard) at its finest.

Fly Local

Born and raised on Oahu, Eric (owner) is a 4th and 5th generation to live in Hawaii.  Come experience the true Flyin’ Hawaiian experience with a personalized touch that only a local can offer.  Eric loves to share his local knowledge and experience that was passed on to him from previous generations and share it with all of his passengers.  Welcome to our Flying ‘Ohana!

hang gliding hawaii

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