I Love Blanket: The Top 10 Reasons Why

So I have this blanket, and I’m kind of totally in love with it. I originally bought it in the Houston airport to save my friend and I from freezing as we slept there overnight, unaware the airport would be so bloody cold. I woke up at 5 am in search of a blanket as my friend slept. Fortunately, one store was open, and they possessed the best blanket in the world… I shall call it my love blanket.

Why do I love blanket so?

I love blanket

1. Price

I could have just gotten myself a blanket for a whopping $15… or I could choose to buy two for $20. They were beautiful and cozy blankets, and I do love blankets… so I got two.

2. Saved Us

I opted for two lovely blankets, covering my sleeping friend (once I relocated her, as I’d gotten myself terribly turned around at the airport and suspected she’d gotten up and moved, to my alarm. But no, she was right where I left her, fast asleep). When she awoke and found her new love blanket (yes, a love blanket, for it was from the heart and a lovely blanket) she was more than pleased – and cozy!

3. Pillow

I used to use bunched up clothing for a pillow. Gone are those days! My love blanket (as it shall henceforth be known) makes the perfect pillow no matter whether I’m sleeping in my tent, in a real bed, or on a concrete floor.

I love blanket

4. Compact

It’s sooooo lightweight and compact. I seriously love this blanket. It attaches to my backpack to carry around with almost no added weight at all, and bunches up really small so it takes up no space.

5. Warmth in Busses and Planes

Do you know how cold busses and planes usually get?! As my love blanket is always attached to my carry on backpack, it provides warmth on those cold, cold busses and planes.

6. Shade

One day I was sitting in my hammock, in dismay that the beating hot sun was falling upon it. Soon, I would have to leave my glorious hammock… or not. A friend attached my blanket to a couple things and voila! My love blanket became my shade.

7. Beach Towel

I have a tiny travel sized towel – not exactly great for sitting on at the beach. Then walks in the love blanket.

I love blanket

8. Gecko Scooper

One day I had a gecko in my tent. I searched and searched for something to get him out with, to no avail. It was just like any day in Zipolite, but with a gecko pal I desperately did not want to smush. Then he walked near my love blanket. Voila – gecko scooper!

9. A Blanket for a Friend Without a Sleeping Bag

Shortly after purchasing the love blanket, a friend came to travel with me. I had told him to bring a tent, but he forgot a key ingredient… a sleeping bag. So before he was able to buy one or a nice blanket to cover himself, what was he going to do? Good thing I had a spare blanket in my arsenal.

10. It’s Pink…

It’s pink guys, my love blanket is pink and polka dotted. How can you not love it?

I love blanket

By Danielle Ditzian


Danie is a crazy nomad who has been traveling the world for five years straight. Check out her stories at https://www.likeridingabicycle.com, or read on for posts from people all over the world!

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