Two Creeks Campground: Top 10 Reasons to Go

Two Creeks Campground

So, why should you visit Two Creeks Campground?

1. Clothing Optional

That’s right everyone, Two Creeks Campground is a clothing optional campground. It’s also aimed towards pretty much everyone – exhibitionists, trans, bi, gay, lesbian, people into BDSM… you name it! Pretty much anything goes at Two Creeks Campground, and it rocks because of this. But don’t worry, even if you’re not a nudist, or into any of the aforementioned things, you’ll still be accepted.

2. All sorts of people

The people are the first thing that made me fall in love with Two Creeks. They’re all so incredibly open, and basically have an attitude that you do your thing, and they’ll do their thing. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, as long as you accept others, you’ll be accepted at Two Creeks Campground.

Two Creeks Campground

3. Beautiful Scenery

Two Creeks Campground is HUGE. And, obviously, has two creeks. It has areas that are totally forested and others that are open as can be. Some parts are filled with RVs, while others are empty grassy lots for camping. The views are spectacular, and it’s hidden away in northern Minnesota – a true gem.

4. The Owners

The owners of Two Creeks Campground, Glen and Toni, are just delightful. Glen gives a wonderful tour of the campground, showing you all the great spots, and the real diversity of the place. But it’s more than that that makes them wonderful; if one single bad egg shows up, they are kicked out instantly. The main rule at camp is no means no, and if anyone disobeys – or does anything else to disturb others – they’re immediately kicked out. It’s a place of happiness and warmth, and the owners don’t want that to change.

5. Exchange System

No one pays for anything while at Two Creeks Campground (other than the accommodation itself). Want a booze filled slushie? Leave a bottle of vodka next time you’re there. Chowing down on a communal meal? Bring some potato salad. No money is allowed to be exchanged, only items. Hell, I even got batteries given to me for the alcohol I donated at an earlier point.

Two Creeks Campground

6. Golf Carts

This one is a little odd, but I just love cruising around Two Creeks Campground on the golf carts. Come on, it’s just good fun.

7. The Pool

If you’re lucky enough to be invited by the men at the self-named Homo Heights into their pool, you’re in for a treat. While many people have small pools and hot tubs, these guys thought go big or go home. They made a giant pool great for a hot summer day. And no, you don’t have to be gay to be in the gay campground part – not at all. Everyone is the same at Two Creeks, despite our differences.

8. Live and Let Live Attitude

You do your thing, I’ll do mine. One person may be totally comfortable naked, and someone else might like to tell you their sex schedule so you can watch. Who cares? As long as you don’t care what anyone else is doing, they don’t care what you’re doing either, and will never pressure you.

9. Misfit Island

“We’re all misfits here, pull up a fuck’n chair.” That’s the motto, and these were the first people to welcome me in at Two Creeks Campground. They often host dinners that people donate food for, and are just all around great people. It’s a great hangout spot, and tends to be filled on weekends.

10. Swingstock

Swingstock is a once a year event – the biggest event at Two Creeks Campground in fact, drawing in around 700 people for this epic weekend. From a roving happy hour that the residents host to a parade where people throw water balloons at those parading in golf carts (told you the golf carts were fun!), Swingstock has got it all. And no, it’s totally not just for swingers at all.

Two Creeks Campground

By Danielle Ditzian – Like Riding a Bicycle


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