Vegan Winter Fashion: The Top 10

Happy Almost Winter! I’m a San Diego based vegan life and style blogger at LunaVida. Thanks to Danielle, I’m sharing ten of the best vegan winter fashion items with you. (You may be wondering why someone who lives in Southern California is dishing out winter fashion advice; however, while we may not have many freezing days here, we can still appreciate the need for coziness!)

Plaid blanket scarf: Target | Original post seen here


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1. Wool-free hats

Believe it or not, lots of hats actually contain animal products. There are other options though – just be sure to check the label for fabrics such as wool.

Wool-free floppy hat: Target | Original post seen here


2. Faux leather jackets

^Not just for winter. Really, they’re a year-round staple, but layering them with a hoodie underneath looks extra cute and keeps you warm on a mild day.

Faux leather motorcycle jacket: Old Navy | Original post seen here


3. Faux suede ankle boots

I can’t get enough of ankle boots. They’re definitely my favorite type of footwear. I’m super grateful that there are so many affordable and cruelty-free choices out there ranging from faux leather to fake suede.

Faux suede studded ankle boots: Old Navy | Original post seen here


4. Knee-high socks

They keep ya toasty and they make an outfit look more put together. Win-win!

Maroon knee-high socks: JCPenney | Original post seen here


5. Cruelty-free winter coats

Just like with hats, make sure to check that label for animal products such as wool, real fur, etc. Popular ones to be on the lookout for are goose down coats (feathers) and tweed (wool).

Peacoat: Gap | Original post seen here


6. Wool and angora-free sweaters

In the beginning of veganism, all of this checking labels can seem daunting. I promise though, that once you learn the different materials it becomes easy to detect quickly.

Marled turtleneck sweater: Old Navy | Original post seen here


7. Blanket scarves

Basic? Sure. But who cares, because they’re comfortable and look perfect with almost anything.

Plaid blanket scarf: ILYMIX | Original post seen here


8. Dark wash skinny jeans

I know a lot of us tend to lean towards distressed jeans, but this time of year we need all the extra fabric we can get to stay warm. That means no holes, of course. (I know it’s hard to pull yourself away from the ripped jeans but it’s for the warmth of your body!)

Hudson dark wash skinny jeans: c/o Shopbop | Original post seen here


9. Over-the-knee boots

I never thought I would like these kinds of boots, but they grew on me. Now I love how they can dress up jeans (and keep your feet warm, too).

Brown OTK boots: Target | Original post seen here


10. Cozy pajamas

Who needs to put on an entire actual outfit when isn’t winter really about snuggling up with tea and a movie? That’s where PJs come in to save the day, every day.

Cozy thermal dog pajama set: Nordstrom Rack

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What are your favorite winter items? Did you ever realize just how many things in our lives contain animal products? Thankfully though there are now plenty of high-quality alternatives so we can look stylish without the cruelty!

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