Zipolite Mexico: The Top 10 Reasons to Visit

Zipolite Mexico – thinking of heading there? You definitely should be!

I’ve spent quite some time in Zipolite Mexico, and it has quick become my favourite place on earth. Need some convincing? Look no further!

Zipolite Mexico

1. Clothing Optional

Of course, the number one reason to visit Zipolite Mexico is that the whole beach is clothing optional. That’s right, the whole beach. I mean, you can’t walk into most cafes naked, but a simple sarong or a bathing suit will do just fine. And no, it’s not all pervy old men like you might think; it’s people of all demographics letting themselves be as free as they want. And don’t worry, even if you don’t want to get naked, you’ll still have a great time.

2. Sushi on the beach at Cafe Maya

One of my favourite things in Zipolite Mexico is the sushi at Cafe Maya Casa Acalli. This place has a few rooms for rent, and a delightful cafe below, sitting right on top of the sand and covered by a palapa (what’s a palapa you ask? Just a simple Mexican roof that is made of palm tree leaves). The owner, Kate, who is American, makes delicious sushi like you’ve never had in Mexico. Come on, you know you want it.

zipolite mexico

3. Playa del Amor in Zipolite

Playa del Amor is my favourite part of the beach in Zipolite Mexico. While the long stretch of beach is all clothing optional, if you go to the very end playa Zipolite, you’ll reach a set of stairs – go up, then go down (don’t remember your flip flops! Those stairs get HOT!) There’s a little secret cove with far fewer people on it than the main beach, and a little swimming hole.

4. Nude Hotel

While I’ve never stayed at Nude Hotel Zipolite, it’s a great place to go hang out. As long as you buy a drink or some food to chow down on – which are both delicious – you can use the facilities without a problem. What I love best about this is they have a pool; yes, I know, the whole town is on the beach, but the current is quite strong allowing most people to only really wade in the waters (unless you’re an amazing swimmer used to currents). The pool is clothing optional – in fact the whole place at Nude Zipolite Mexico is clothing optional, with the only exception being the restaurant. A nice swim in that pool naked it delightful!

Zipolite Mexico5. The People of Zipolite Mexico

Zipolite Mexico attracts a very distinct type of person; whether it’s a foreign tourist, a Mexican tourist, or an expat, they’re a unique breed. The people tend to be completely non-judgmental, and have a live and let live attitude. You do your thing, I’ll do mine. The open minded type of people you’ll find here is rare to find in modern society, but here they all flock to.

6. Town on the Beach

This one goes without saying – the whole town is on the beach. Does it really get much better than that? Save 2 little streets in Roca Blanca, the area that we’ll refer to as “downtown” as a little joke, for it you ever saw it you’d never call it as such, everything is right there on the sand.

7. Night Markets

Every night during the high season there are night markets (they are also around for some of low season, but with far fewer artists hanging about). Foreigners and Mexicans alike sell handy crafts they’ve made, the majority being jewelry but it is not limited to this. Prices are reasonable for something gorgeous and hand crafted.

8. The Tattoo Shop

This town is tiny. I can’t emphasize that enough. Yet, there is still a tattoo shop in Zipolite Mexico. And El Lobo, as is the name of the artist (meaning the Wolf) is pretty good too – I’ve got some ink done by him! It was a little funny, however, when he told me not to get my new foot tattoo wet or sandy. I live on the beach. In a tent. How man, how?

9. Lazing in a Hammock

Most of my days in Zipolite Mexico are spent lazing in a hammock. Honestly, that’s what I do. That’s where I’m typing this from. My cozy ol’ hammock. Swaying back and forth as you watch the waves roll in is pure bliss.

zipolite mexico

10. The Sunsets

“Oh, another shitty Zipolite Mexico sunset,” says my friend, as we chuckle. Every single god damn night the sunset is just as spectacular as the last. The sky lights up all sorts of colours, beautiful yet different every day. As the time of year changes as does the location, as we face south here, but still get a glimpse of the sun reaching the horizon over the ocean for much of the year.

Now try watching that sunset from a hammock with your sushi. Oh yeah, you’ve got life right then.

zipolite mexico

By Danielle Ditzian


Danie is a crazy nomad who has been traveling the world for five years straight. Check out her stories at, or read on for posts from people all over the world!

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